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There has been some good advice; let me repeat the most important: Some guys are cool and will go with the flow, but many will say, "hey, you didn't say you wanted to do such and such. That wasn't agreed upon and is off the table or will cost you extra. Don't assume all guys will kiss or suck or do whatever. Give them a play by play ahead of time. It might some weird, but it will make your experience more enjoyable and the escort will best know how to tend to your needs.

I've had bad experiences, but also some very good ones and had repeat visits with those who knew how to give me what I wanted. Porn star escorts more than likely have HIV and do drugs. SO I wouldn't purchase any sex with them. Try going someone who isn't notorious for porn, both drug free and tested negative. They will have lower hourly rates and risk. Usually guys with headless photos are more discrete and careful about there health and reputation. Avoid the escort, instead go for a massage with surprise anal! I went to a legit Chelsea-based place for years and happily had a decent non-sexual massage.

So I had not been there in almost a year so when I finally go back, I find out not surprisingly that the guy I usually went to left; they give me an available guy who is just OK-looking, and within 10 minutes he is giving me the most sensual massage ever. Later when he fingered me 2 fingers while jacking off I thought I would just faint from excitement. No wonder you're having a hard time believing two people would say that. I can't either, unless the john is wearing earrings and a caftan with his turban. I literally was humming Christmas carols to myself. I understand that--I deliberately used that wording to try to convey a sense of extreme artificiality and discomfort.

Best time is around when rent is due. Search on craigslist around localities with colleges. Select the age range of about 18 to 21 and search for the keyword 'generous'. Every few months you'll find something. Assert yourself in the very first email to them. Still play safe, of course. Sometimes you'll really end up with one that's straight and only desperate for money. It's kind of a rush to break them in, but you might end up with a weeper who's really upset about what they just did. Good luck!

Sometimes you'll really end up with one that's straight and only desperate for money Yes I have. I had a session this week that was phenomenal. Handsome guy, great body, awesome kisser, fantastic blowjob, skilled bottom. Well, I won't judge anyone for hiring sex workers. People have been doing this since the beginning of time so I suppose it isn't abnormal.

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I understand that it's hard for some people to meet other people and some simply don't want a relationship. However, I would feel kind of strange sleeping with someone who is only choosing to sleep with me because I'm paying them to do so. But I'm still young so that could be my ego speaking. My mindset could change as I grow older. They're not sleeping, R62, they're having sex.

To me it is a lot better than sneaking around with someone who's attached or hooking up with someone who has issues. I live in a pretty big city I guess all of the whores here don't charge. The reviews posted on Daddysreviews. If you contact one of the guys who lists as bisexual or even claims to be straight as some do R60 they will probably be surprised but more than happy to come have you as a client.

In general women don't hire escorts so in spite of Hollywood keeps showing there isn't much of a real gigolo scene. Diesel Washington has HPV. I've seen it myself and asked him to get the fuck out of my hotel room because of it.

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I wouldn't trust that site at all. Almost all sexually active gay men "have HPV," it's a very common infection and usually produces no symptoms. I assume you mean you noticed skin lesions aka warts.

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Diesel Washington has that "rough trade from the ghetto" look that honestly doesn't appeal to me. And well reviewed only. You know, sometimes it's nice to be in the passenger seat. Twist some nice nips, feel some rock hard muscles. Get off Why not?? Back in my second year of college in I hired a fresh faced hustler named Pat Robertson. He was a total bottom, into rimming, fisting, smegma eating, golden showers, scat, and many things I can't even talk about here. I miss the good 'ole days when you could find a hot hustler on the street Yes indeed, we too use "cookies.

I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Have you ever hired an escort? Muscleforums is also a good place for reviews. R2, uh. With six you get eggroll! A few things I'd recommend: R9 makes every aspect of his life a business. Now we've got puritanical marriage nazis.

Ah, progress. You don't pay for an escort for sex. You pay for him to leave. I've found cute college aged boys on Craigs List from time to time. Cultivate friends with benefits, R Problem solved.

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That's got to be the nerdiest thing I've ever read on Datalounge. Everybody I know who has hired an escort - has done so because it is so efficient. I hope R17's future actually comes true. Free hot sex for all and sundry! Robots, R23, sex robots. The wave of the future. Just to reiterate and agree with r9's points: As long as you are safe, just relax and have fun! How do you know they're not undercover cops? I'm a younger guy and have hired a few times. It is efficient, you can get exactly what you're looking for and with the type of guy you want.

It's especially good if you want to try out a fetish or kink, but any sort of fun will do. Hellooooo Sean!!! Always wear a condom. Always wear earrings. Always wear your caftan. I literally was humming Christmas carols to myself as I waited for the subway after the massage. I went back a month later and got the same "deluxe" treatment.


Try this instead: Oh, fuck off, Becka at R You didn't even do it right. You have to be 'sad R43 i'm a gay guy,stupid it's gross guys who use escorts are trash. Exploitative trash, no less.

O Cum All Ye Faithful? Thousands of dollars? Someone's been misinformed. I think he means over a lifetime, R Can't believe I've passed on this incredible experience. Go ahead and pass judgement if you must, but I had a great time. Anyone ever have Diesel Washington?